For several years I went to France every summer. The food, the cosy villages, romantic houses, sunny weather and not to forget the brocante markets and old barns along the side of the road that you discover by accident, that's what France is about.

A lot of people would only see a pile of trash in those barns and markets, but I often go a little bit crazy when I'm there.

A while ago I found these very big, old, wine bottles. I brought them back to the Netherlands and made them into lamps.

(The green one with white lampshade is mine, the others are Martin Margiela's)

What you need:

- A bottle (it's better when it is a bit bigger than an ordinairy wine bottle)
- Lampshade (with the attached fitting-rings)
- Fitting
- Wire with plug and lightswitch
- A cork
- Screw-thread
- A drill with a diamond head

1. Make a hole, down on the backside of the bottle. Use a diamond head for your drill.
Cool the bottle every once in a while in cold water.
(Or just bring your bottle to a DIY-shop like I did :), where they can do it easily for you).

2. Take the cork and make a hole from the top to the bottum of the cork. Shape the cork a bit so that it can fit in the neck of the bottle.

3. Take the screw-thread and push it into the cork.

4. Pull the wire trough the pin in the cork.

5. Push the cork, (with the wire coming out at the top) 3/4 into the bottle.

6. Attach the fitting and lampshade to the end of the screw-thread.

Et voilá!


  1. This is a fantastic idea. I hope to visit France one day. I'm sure it's breathtaking. :)

  2. Great idea! XO


  3. Heel cool! Vooral met een mooie fles eronder.