I am always curious about what people carry with them when going out.  It says a lot about your lifestyle and personality.
So I thought let's turn my dutch designer ''Susan Bijl'' bag upside down and see what falls out...

So I've got:



Besides sitting in cafes and going crazy in the shops you can't deny the history of a city.
Hanging around in the touristic places is not everybody's favorite and I agree that you will really experience a city when you just go out and investigate the small streets and different neighbourhoods on your own.
But even though, as a tourist you want to know why everybody is going to see these overcrowded places full of screaming children and tour guides with flags that protrudes above the crowd. There must be something there right. You would not feel satisfied if you visited a city without acting a tiny bit as a shameless ultimate tourist agree?

Go and check out the Blue mosque in the Sultanahmet area in Istanbul.
A beautiful piece of culture is situated here. Besides the group of tourists there are Muslim people who go to the Blue mosque for there daily prayers. Get carried away by all the lights and coulours shimmering through the building.

wearing my lovely new t-shirt which I just received from the owners of the dutch designer store Objet trouvé in Rotterdam.  


My name is Marieke de Jong I am 23 years old and officialy live in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
I study Art and cultural science and because of that I packed  my bags to go on an adventure trip and discover the beautiful Istanbul for five months!!

I am here now for two weeks and my blood pressure and adrenaline rises within each day. There are just too many treasures to see and I ''only'' have five more months!
Besides the old touristic historical treasures there is more: from small original turkish tea houses to classy rooftop bars, vintage shops, designerboutiques and posphorus-view clubs.
Istanbul has got it all.

First things first
When wandering the old streets of Istanbul we found a lovely hidden place in between houses. There are bars and cafés in this small passage near Istiklal road just go there for a drink or small bite. Coasy and romantic in the evenings because of all the small treelights.

Tünel Geçidi (end of Itsiklal, with Taksim square on the other end)