I am always curious about what people carry with them when going out.  It says a lot about your lifestyle and personality.
So I thought let's turn my dutch designer ''Susan Bijl'' bag upside down and see what falls out...

So I've got:

My sunglasses because Istanbul is still sunny!
My watch, tweezers, Blistex, Neutral deodorant, travel perfume (put this on top of your favourite perfume and it fills itself).
Necklace with the letter O, a sweet present from two friends before I left to Istanbul.The keys of my appartment, offcourse with a turkish blue eye key-hanger. Hairbrush, pencil, pure chocolat and Turkish sweets, because I am a candy addict!
Elvive hair oil, L'oreal BB cream, my new CD from streetartists inIstanbul, Avéne eau Thermale water spray because it is hot in this city! Passport, I am still a kind of tourist. Ipod, listening to my favourite songs when walking long distances every day through this city.Small bag, for some make-up. Agenda, Iphone to stay in touch with friends, family, boyfriend so far away from home. And my wallet with a lot of receipts, dust and little coins...
What do you drag around when going out?

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  1. Love this I'm just like you I love to see whats in other people bags, great post. Definitely going to start putting deodorant in my bag!
    Your blog is so interesting, love it!