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By Retro

There is this store, hidden in a passage in the center of Istanbul.
A vintage walhalla, so big, that the first time I went there I almost got lost!
Name it, they have it: from lammycoats, parka's, hats, sunglasses, bags, clutches to the best costumes for a dress up party.




Hotel Mama Shelter Istanbul.

They have locations in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux and...yes also in Istanbul!
A very fashionable place which you must not miss.
Don't worry if you already booked your hotel, because it's more than that.
Located in the heart of the city (Beyoglu) and since I already had great parties, cocktails and food there I had to share this with you.

- Great design interior
- Beautiful rooms
- A really nice restaurant with good food
- Delicious cocktails
- The best rooftopbar



For several years I went to France every summer. The food, the cosy villages, romantic houses, sunny weather and not to forget the brocante markets and old barns along the side of the road that you discover by accident, that's what France is about.

A lot of people would only see a pile of trash in those barns and markets, but I often go a little bit crazy when I'm there.

A while ago I found these very big, old, wine bottles. I brought them back to the Netherlands and made them into lamps.

(The green one with white lampshade is mine, the others are Martin Margiela's)

What you need: