This weekend was the opening party of the cool concept store ''290 Square Meters, Istanbul''.
The store exists for over 13 years in Amsterdam and since Istanbul is happening and booming they thought: let's open one there.
''The shop may at first look like a shop with exclusive brands, but it's a lot more'' (290sqm). From fixed gear bike accessories to the newest nike shoes, designer bags, jeans, shirts and jumpers for men and woman!

My dutch friends who visited me also loved it and went crazy in the shop.



I just got home from a short flight to:  Cappadocia?
You might have never heard of this, but it is a beautiful place, or actually area, in the middle of Turkey.
It is placed on the unesco world heritage list and they often call it in the travelguides as: ''a surreal landscape of volcanic rock formations, a world wonder and an inspiration source for the Star Wars movie set''. When reading this I could only expect some sort of serene moonlandscape and this actually was the case.

If you already have seen the big places in Turkey, go to Cappadocia to escape the busy city life. 4 days is enough to relax, hike, visit the underground hidden city, scooter, horseback ride,  eat, drink and take an amazing balloonflight to watch the sunrise.

A small impression of my weekend:




For everybody who's looking forward to the weekend and need to get into the party mood!
Listen to this...



As a lot of you might know, Isabel Marant is designing a collection for H&M.
This is all very excitening offcourse...but much better is that today some of the campaign images have been released!
From 14 November you can buy the clothes in 250 stores worldwide and online.
(prices vary from 19,95 - 299,-)

Just like the design editions before it's gonna be total madness. For now: get a paper, a pen and prepare your sleepingbag,  because you might need this in your hunt for fashion.

The first pictures of Isabel Marant pour H&M :



Fashion Week Istanbul 2013
A broad variety of people. And offcourse I wanted to spot and document the Turkish style of clothing, the extravagant people all dressed up for this special event.


Shot by photogapher Emanuele D'Angelo (Instagram: @Livincool)


© High heels, hats, dresses, celebrities, camera's, vip lounges and goodybags!
Fashion week has oficially started! Three days of shows already and 2 more to go.
The weather is great, the location is beau-ti-ful with a seeside view on the Bosphorus.
A small inpression of Fashion Week Istanbul so far....



October has arrived.

It's getting colder, rainy, windy and you need to leave your summer skirts and sandals in the closet. Besides these unfortunate things there is also some excited stuff to look forward to:

When we (you and me) just started to think about the trends for the coming fall/winter season, fashionland is already going crazy on the new spring/summer collections from all de big designers.
Paris, Milan, New York, Berlin, Australia, Miami and....yes also Istanbul take part in this.

From 7-11 October Istanbul is the fashion Mekka of Turkey. And since I live in Istanbul, I thought:
let's try to get tickets for some shows! 
I hope my sweet emails to the PR agents of the designers put work into action

Curious what to expect from Istanbul's Fashion Week, but let's hope it looks a tiny bit like this:



It's a cliché but Paris has that romanticness where you really want to be like that natural Parisienne who can wear an old oversized sweater, no make-up a skinny jeans, flat shoes and still look fabulous.

The last couple of years I went to Paris every winter. It's is a city which you will love even more after several visits. The first time you go there you check out the beautiful historical monuments, but if you really want to feel and breathe the life of a Parisienne you should go to the small romantic neigbourhoods, visit the old book stores and drink a cappuccino at cafĂ© Charlot in Le Marais.


Rose Bakery                                                                                  

A perfect place for breakfast, lunch, brunch and afternoon tea and pastries. It's healthy, good, pretty and located in the most trendy neigbourhood of Paris.

3rd arrondissement
30 rue Debelleyme
75003 Paris
Metro: Filles du Calvaire 



It amazes me that the streetartists in Istanbul are often really good! I just bought a cd from this band on the Istiklal road and I am glad I did. It's a jazzy swing band with a modern twist.

Uninvited Jazzbrand