I just got home from a short flight to:  Cappadocia?
You might have never heard of this, but it is a beautiful place, or actually area, in the middle of Turkey.
It is placed on the unesco world heritage list and they often call it in the travelguides as: ''a surreal landscape of volcanic rock formations, a world wonder and an inspiration source for the Star Wars movie set''. When reading this I could only expect some sort of serene moonlandscape and this actually was the case.

If you already have seen the big places in Turkey, go to Cappadocia to escape the busy city life. 4 days is enough to relax, hike, visit the underground hidden city, scooter, horseback ride,  eat, drink and take an amazing balloonflight to watch the sunrise.

A small impression of my weekend:



Hotel Falcon Cave suites                                                                                                        
A small hotel with only 4 rooms. The rooms are big.
The bathroom is almost as big as the sleeping area and it contains a big bubble bath! Very nice after a day of hiking and horseback riding.

Every morning a big Turkish breakfast is served. The staff is friendly and the prices are good.
(around 16,- a night).
Town: Göreme

Red red wine
Drink Turkish wine and smoke shisha  in a cosy ''cave house''.
The owner is a sweet old men who takes good care of his costumers.
Town: Göreme

The Ivy café
The most unexpected experience in a tipical Turkish restaurant: they make sushi on reservation!
Seriously, the best sushi I had in years! the cooks and owners were so sweet and really enjoy hosting a sushi diner just for you, while the other guests are eating (also good) turkish kebab.
Town: Göreme

They've got a cosy garden with bean bags, swing chairs and lots of sun (if there is).
They serve tasty coffee, smoothies, sandwiches salads and burgers. The staff is really friendly.
Go there for breakfast, lunch or diner.
Town: Göreme

Cappadocia Cuisine
Here you can eat good pottery kebab. It's a typical Turkish meal, chicken or beef served in pottery with vegetables and sauce. They break the pottery open with a special technique when serving it.
The owner of the restaurant is an enthousiatic old lady, a real mother figure who would never let there guests go home with an emtpy stomach.
Town: Göreme


  1. Such magnificent shots! xx


    1. Thank you so much! I saw your topshop shoes, I was wondering yesterday: buy or not buy haha! really nice blog

  2. Beautiful photographs, and the location looks spectacular!

  3. These pics are amazing, everything looks so interesting! XO


  4. I was in Cappadocia years ago, your article has me longing to go again - its so interesting and I love the food.

  5. Sounds great, lovely pictures! I've been to Marmaris years & years ago and quite liked to place, but that's probably nothing compared to this region.