My name is Marieke de Jong I am 23 years old and officialy live in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
I study Art and cultural science and because of that I packed  my bags to go on an adventure trip and discover the beautiful Istanbul for five months!!

I am here now for two weeks and my blood pressure and adrenaline rises within each day. There are just too many treasures to see and I ''only'' have five more months!
Besides the old touristic historical treasures there is more: from small original turkish tea houses to classy rooftop bars, vintage shops, designerboutiques and posphorus-view clubs.
Istanbul has got it all.

First things first
When wandering the old streets of Istanbul we found a lovely hidden place in between houses. There are bars and cafés in this small passage near Istiklal road just go there for a drink or small bite. Coasy and romantic in the evenings because of all the small treelights.

Tünel Geçidi (end of Itsiklal, with Taksim square on the other end)


  1. I dream about visit Istambul.. <3

  2. How beautiful, and what a cozy atmosphere!